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22 Sep
Sep 22, 2011 | 9:00 AM-6:00 PM



Counterinsurgency: History, Theory, and Practice

Counterinsurgency: History, Theory, and Practice

A day-long symposium in which historians, activists, current and former military personnel, anthropologists, journalists, and filmmakers gather to examine the past, present, and future of the doctrine that has officially guided the U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2007.

Schedule of Conference

9:15 am       Welcome Remarks

9:30 am      Keynote

  • Dahlia Wasfi— “Counterinsurgency”:  A Euphemism for Oppression

10:30 am   Panel 1: The Manual and Its Critics

  • Marilyn Young— Chair
  • Lloyd Gardner— Respondant
  • Clinton Ancker— The Evolution of Army Doctrine in the Post-Cold War Era - From AirLand Battle to Full Spectrum Operations
  • Conrad Crane— Not Too Badly Wrong: American Counterinsurgency Doctrine in Practice
  • Gian Gentile— Counterinsurgency American Style Doesn't Work
  • Hannah Gurman— Reading The COIN Field Manual: From Imperfect Document to Imperial Doctrine

1:30 pm       Panel 2: It’s the Anthropologists’ Turn

  • Roberto Gonzalez— Chair
  • Vince Rafael— Weaponizing Translation: Counterinsurgency and the Problem of Language
  • John Allison— My Year with the Military
  • Ansley Hamid— Yes, We Can -Changing Military Culture Through Human Terrain System (HTS)
  • M. Jamil Hanifi— Anthropologists and the American COIN/HTS Stupor in Afghanistan

3:45 pm        Roundtable: The Targeted Population

  • Nick Turse— Chair
  • Karl Hack— Between Two Terrors: Securing the Population in the Malayan Emergency (1948-60)
  • Vina Lanzona— Engendering Counterinsurgency: The Battle to Win the Hearts and Minds of Women in the Huk Rebellion in the Philippines.
  • Joaquin Chávez— The Making of the Internal Enemy, El Salvador 1960-1980
  • Rick Rowley— Defeat in Iraq: The Failure of America's Counterinsurgency Strategies
  • Jeremy Kuzmarov— Modernizing Repression: Police Training and US Counter-Insurgency in Af-Pak
  • Jean MacKenzie— Counterinsurgency in Afghanistan: Has it been tried?
  • M. Jamil Hanifi— It’s Resistance, Stupid! Terrorizing Afghanistan With Delusional  Counterinsurgency

5:15 pm       Closing Remarks

  • Bill Hartung— Introduced by Nick Turse
  • Profits of War: Costs, Contractors and Counterinsurgency