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To read the breadth and depth of study our students design and shape is to understand Gallatin's dynamic community. Our students (all 1500+ of them) are passionate and curious and truly engaged with their own individualized course of study. Gallatin undergraduates take about half their courses within Gallatin and the other half in the schools and departments around the university. Whether studying urban agriculture, human rights, theater, gender, economics, and/or neuroscience, Gallatin students are true individuals. Read the bios of some selected students here:

BA Candidate - The Sociology and Politics of Urban Agriculture; 2016 Marshall Scholar

BA Candidate - Transcribing Culture

BA Candidate - Theatre of War

BA Candidate - Entrepreneurship, Education Policy, and Narrative Identity

BA Candidate – Human Rights and Environmental Policy

BA Candidate - Dance, Choreography, Literature, and Anatomy

BA Candidate - Acting, Dramatic Writing, and Performance History

BA Candidate - Social Justice and the Arts

BA Candidate - Fashion Design, Marketing, Race, Gender, and Sexuality

BA Candidate – Writing about Social Change in Africa; Minor: Postcolonial Literature

BA Candidate – Continental Philosophy, Politics, and Critical Race Theory

BA Candidate - Biology and Anthropology

BA Candidate - Theatre and Economics

BA Candidate - Sociology and Economics

BA Candidate – Education, Human Rights, and Chinese Studies

BA Candidate - Multilingual and Multicultural Semiotics

BA Candidate - Literature and Politics